Vibration 69 store is an online community store that represents vibration energy and balance. Founded by AOA, an African man on a mission to create a community of creativity and growth. The one and only store that's on a mission to share all returns with their customers and community. Based in Oregon. Vibration 69 represents energy and balance. 69 is a number we chose to symbolize the yin and the yang working together for a greater purpose. As we all know that life is indeed a mix of many realities. Our community includes fashion, accessories, homes, entertainment and services. Our core value is in people, and providing a better experience. Join our story today, and help push our mission worldwide. We believe in people. We believe in a better world.


Due to our associates and partners. Some of our orders take longer than usual. Please, Kindly allow us some days to process and fulfill your order before shipping. For handcrafted products made by AOA himself, please allow a few days for shipping info and updates. Orders placed before 5 pm will be fulfilled the same day and updated the next day for shipping. Thanks


All our products are fulfilled by our partners at the moment, and because of this, all our products are priced mindfully to give our customers the best prices and deals. We are working towards creating our facility to be able to create and fulfill all our customer's needs. Because of their support, each day of their love is another day we're getting closer to realizing this dream. Kindly show support by shopping at the Vibration Store. Thanks


For tracking, please click the link to get the latest updates on your package. To get extra support, kindly leave us a message by using the contact page.


Our mission at the Vibration community is bigger than just apparel, shoes, and accessories, We are on a spiritual journey with our customers to serve our community and create a better relationship with all our members. All our members are partners and we love and respect their participation. Our dream is to grow with all our customers, which is why we are committed to securing ways to give our customers more returns always. Our Club 69 is a platform where all customers and members get to enjoy live music and comedy by buying our tickets with a chance to win the Vibration Energy draw. 69 tickets will be sold and three winners would be chosen daily. Our community is working tirelessly to create the very first Vibration Village. A community where all our customers and members will have a chance to live with our creators and designers in the Campus of Hearts/House of Arts. Sponsorships, Shares, dividends, and more. Learn more today by signing up for our newsletter. 


AOA is an African young man with a vision to create a progressive community of creativity, inclusion, equity, and equality. A community of Art expressions and celebration of life and differences. I started this journey as a mission to stand against big cooperations that never give their customers any returns or appreciation. Solidarity in freedom, expressions and alliance with people who feel the need for a better together community. With the Vibration community, everyone is in to get a return. This is a dream bigger than me. Join me on this mission by clicking the link to know more about my mission today. I believe in you!