Welcome to the Vibration Village. A community of self-sufficiency and values, where people get to express and experience true living and amazing returns. Vibration Village is a spiritual collective hive. Working together, growing together, and learning to live together as one. A village where opportunities are endless, and within your reach.

Why Vibration Village?

It is true that everyone wants the same things even in our own differences and separations. No matter the bridge between the rich, the poor, and the unseen. Everyone wants to be happy and fulfilled in life. That is why we wake up not just to make a living but to create meaning. We wake up to be alive to feel life in its authenticity. Every breath we take is our testament, telling us to keep wanting and dreaming.

But what do we all want? To be seen and not be alone or feel alone. That is why we do what we do. That is why we refuse to accept defeat and get back up on our feet every single time we fall. We look backward to reflect and look forward toward a better path in life. Vibration Village is that step forward into a brighter future, into a better world.

A community where the good life is within and beyond. Join us today by getting on the list of the first homeowners in Vibration Village. Together, one village at a time.


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Words cannot express this vibe. I feel like I'm where I'm supposed to be- Nene

Portland, Oregon

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