Welcome to the Vibration community. A collective community for all people.

When I first started this journey, people questioned the intentions behind it. People often ask me why I chose this name Vibration 69 knowing it would get a lot of criticism. I’ve learned that I cannot blame anyone for their perceptions in life. And I cannot control how people think. But I refuse to allow other people’s projections to distract me from this journey of expression and experiences. Everything is made of energy, which gives out its own vibrations. Learning to find balance within ourselves is the most important of all. 

Vibration 69 is so much more than just a brand. It is a consolidations of many ideas, including real life stories. It is a foundation for a better reality we indeed can give to ourselves starting from today.

My name is AOA. And I am the founder of this community. I started the Vibration 69 store to be a bridge between all our individual worlds.

As an African living in America. I see the need for balance, and a different kind of vibration. A kind that gives a chance for individualism and one's sense of enhanced creativity. A community of art and of culture. 

My passion has been around people. Embracing communities, and ideals found in productivity and authenticity. I've worked in fashion, construction, health care centers. I’ve had the opportunity to provide independent services at the NAACP. Vibration community is that difference, and my ideal consolidation. A way of creating the future we individually desire. 


Just like many others. I have suffered in the hands of big corporations and organizations who take pride in abusing their employees. I have been hopeless and homeless at some point in myself as well. I’ve had a taste of how big nonprofit organizations hide under the umbrella of charity, yet ignore the needs of the vulnerable ones they claim to be helping. 
I’ve learned through my journey and personal experiences over the years. One thing that is certain is that people are trying to rise above the odds. We’re all in pursuit of a better life, better reality and humanity. I believe our purpose in life can be found in each of our stories. You are now in ours. 

In my world, everything is art. How we live, how we love, and how we share ourselves with the world. As a cancer ♋️ myself, I enjoy the humor 69 as a conversation starter.

A wise man once said don’t expect people to give what they don’t have. I’m hoping you can give us some love by supporting the Vibration community. Thanks 


Good Energy from me to you. 

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